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Autonomous sculpture – “The Rhythm of Life”.

Past few weeks I’ve finally been able to make an autonomous work again. The commissions I was working were put to side and a few ones I already finished. So this will be the first time in approximately 1 and half year to make something for myself and play with some shapes en thoughts which I was carrying with me quite some time. There were some ideas and shapes that I want to try out in wood. Therefore, I first made a small model in clay where after I looked for a big piece of beech wood in my stock that fulfilled to the size and requirements.

Hier is duidelijk het "slaap" zichtbaar in deze Beukenhouten sculptuur.

The sleep is here clearly visible in this part of the sculpture.

It had to be beech, because in this kind of wood appears a sort of mold, we call “sleep”, which gives a very nice structure into the wood. Just like a pen drawing. This kind of mold appears also in other kinds of wood, such as Birch and Poplar, but