War Memorial by Sculptor Jan-Carel Koster | Exhortare

War Memorial | Exhortare

This War Memorial Monument is made on commission of the municipality Vriezenveen in the Netherlands. I sculpted it out of a huge marble block of 25.000 kg. It took me approximately half a year before it was finished.

On the left side there are 29 names of the victims of war that were all living in this small town.


– Short explanation of this War Memorial. Click here for the YouTube movie.
– This is how it works, making a marble War Memorial – Click here
– Cutting through this age marble block goes like this – Click here.
– Pneumatic sculpturing goes like this – Click here.
– Around the Monument – Click here.
– Movie while loading the Monument – Click here.
– Speech with explanation during the revelation on the 5th of April – 2016 – Click here. (I’m sorry, it’s in Dutch).

Material: marble, Alicante Rojo (Spain)  |  Height 3.00 mtr  | Designed and handcrafted by Jan-Carel Koster  |  ©2016


For some more information about this Monument named ‘Exhortare”, please send an e-mail to info@jan-carelkoster.com