Timeless | Marble sculpture


Timeless is an autonomous marble sculpture of 2 meters heigh. The unprocessed block weighed over 4.800 kg. After sculpting the sculpture weights approximately 1.500 kg.

This sculpture is like all my other sculptures a Multidimensional Sculpture, which involves that the 4th dimension tells us the story behind this sculpture. This story/message flows like a kind of energie in our minds whereby it will have it’s own spot in space to remind us on this energie / message.

For me this sculpture symbolizes that time flies. It also symbolizes the relative short time which we spend here on earth. In this short period, we all have to learn how to enjoy live and the time we have. Learn to love the moment as if Time stood still.

But imagine that it’s really possible that Time stood still …….. then what?

That’s why we have to do the things we can and have to do and not postpone it till later. Because later will not come anymore ore in a different shape then we thought. With this thought in mind I made this sculpture which flourishes as it were. Just like a seed that germinates. You can positioning the sculpture whit the opening into the sunlight, (which gives us all our spirit), letting trough the sunbeams. The beams around the opening can be seen as sunbeams.

Looking through the opening, into the empty space, think that you’re looking right trough the sun, into the light. This symbolizes the other life, on the other side of this time-zone. A place where time isn’t relevant and maybe even doesn’t exist.

To invigorate this thought I designed and sculpted this sculpture in this beautiful material, whereby the name TIMELESS kept on coming into my mind. So, without a doubt in my mind I could name this sculpture “Timeless”.

I hope you will like this sculpture as much as I do! I really had a good time making her. For me, time flies when sculpting her, here in Spain. As if Time stood still or don’t exist!! …. 🙂

Marble ‘Alicante Rojo’ | Height 2.00 mtr.    ©2015