” The Dreamcatcher “

The Dreamcatcher

“The Dreamcather” is one of the last designs of sculptor Jan-Carel Koster (December 2014). This sculpture will be cut out in a 4 meter high tree trunk (oak) which will tell the following story.

A dream is a kind of energy which manifests itself in our sub consciousness, both at night, during our sleep, and even during the day. It is an energy that should not be captured, but it is an energy which is worth doing something with it. When you recognize a dream as your dream in life, your passion and it feels  like it to. Then everybody should embrace this dream and should life to it, so it can be the reality for everybody.

The Dreamcatcher has everything to do with the energy which we can see and feel all around us, for example in people who pursue a passion in any field whatsoever. The name of the sculpture speaks for itself, but there is more behind this name.

“The Dreamcatcher” namely, is a monument to the DREAM.

With this sculpture I want to encourage the passion in every human being. Just by looking at this sculpture and reading the meaning of it, people automatically think of their own dream. With that thought of  each person I hope to establish some kind of energy in society, allowing people to realize that they can life their dream. One single thought of that dream can blow new life in their dream, remembering their dream is the most important thing in this description. These thoughts will hopefully result in the consciousness that a dream doesn’t have to be a dream but that it can be reality as long as people valuing it as it should be valued and of course, use it well.

In the design there is an organic shaped kind of ‘wings’ which will be covered with patinated copper. These wings do not only symbolize freedom in general, but also the freedom every man can create for him or herself to make his or her dream reality. Together, with the massive pole behind it, I see the whole sculpture as some kind of generator. A generator which will maintain the energy level and not only symbolically raise the dream, but a generator which will keep any persons dream alive.

The copper part, for me, is particularly important in the sculpture. It’s not only meant to create the right natural balance in color, but also to empower, symbolically, the generator of this energy as a kind of dynamo that will be charged each time people walk by the sculpture and when they think about their own dream and passion.

Briefly, “The Dreamcatcher” not only is a symbolization of the dream, but just as many the guardian and generator of it. When,  seeing this sculpture, I hope to remember others to realize what a beautiful power (read energy) a dream can be. In my opinion it is the purpose of every human to accomplish his or her dream during this life.