The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life

An, on commission, crafted sculpture, made in Oak. ∅65 cm. This wooden sculpture is finished with an clear epoxy cast resin in order to make it weather proof.


The name of this sculpture basically says more than enough about the 4th dimension of it. A small replenishment of myself is the fact that I’ll see this sculpture as a symbol for each human being.


What I’ve depict in this sculpture is life’s natural flow that goes day in, day out. The one day it flows all by itself and the other day, … well, just not at all. I’ve depict this in the fluently lines and curves which sometimes are interrupted. Just as life itself.


The goal of making this sculpture is that everybody who sees it and asks themselves what this sculpture is about, should think about their own inner life, with the name “The Circle of Life” in their thoughts.

By thinking about it, man will be more conscious of all the good thing that happens in their own life. Many times we are not aware of the beautiful things that happens around us. By thinking of it, there will arise a kind of awareness so we can enjoy each little moment of our life.


You can say that “The Circle of Life” is a monument for human life.