Sketch of a Mermaid

The Mermaid

The Mermaid who can tempt and kidnap you with her love, who can ruin you, who can take you to the deepest depth. She can be  revengeful and ruthless as she gets hurt.

Showing her beautiful upper body she let the greedy man watch and seems to give the impression that everything is possible. But the cold and scaly fish tail, first under water, is not only an anticlimax, but also a sig that there is nothing possible. She’s not even a virgin, in fact, she is not even a woman down below.

She represents the alluring unreachable. She attracts and repels. Turns the men’s head run wild, but also destroys him as a real FEMME FATALE, avant la lettre…………. Who listens to her is lost.

The mermaid is probably one of the most famous characters from the old classical mythology. Who hasn’t heard of the enchanting half fish – half female, which seduce ships including the whole crew with their attempting and melodious voice. She allures them to the rocks and subsequently to see them sink.

With this sculpture I want, not only for myself, but also and especially for others, make clear what love is and can do. It’s not only a beautiful thing, it can also be treacherously. However, who thinks and watch fair and straight will pick the fruits of it.

The sculpture will be sculpted in a 2 meters high oak tree. When I will receive the commission, you can follow this sculpting project through my BLOG