Award – ‘De Politician of the year 2013’.


Commission – Award ‘The Politician of the year’.

The award that is made in a gemstone, named ‘Sodalite’. It is a small statue so it is easy to handle. The total hight including the socle is 23 cm.

The idea:

Behind this abstract sculpture is another story hidden for me. I describe it here, but it is an abstract sculpture  in which each one should let go  his own imagination. For me it means that the Politician of the year should be outstanding  in the preparation of plans, which are based on only just an idea. They too are kind of an artist. They must devise a plan from out of nowhere and bring it to fruition. That’s why I’m using several shapes and a variety of finishing techniques in this small sculpture. Both I keep, from the natural shape of the stone to show, on some places, the various  stages of processing methods. It is not only the shape that symbolizes that the politician of the year must be multifaceted. But also the finishing method that symbolizes the versatility and creativity that a politician should possess to a finalize a plan.

What begins left with a straight geometrical shape end in the right in a beautiful polished section. Just like a politician it starts with a clearly defined plan surrounded by laws and regulations, which, as the concept progresses, will blossom. Then there will be a smooth and completed plan on the table which can be accomplished.