Marble sculpture | The undefinable shape of infinite love

This marble sculpture is made in ‘Alicante Rojo’. It is a piece of marble that I’ve manage to save. It was obtained from the War Memorial monument which I made for Vriezenveen in 2016, (There was a huge crack in the big block). The cleavage is now the backside of the marble sculpture. Clearly is the crystallization of the marble which seems to be spread over the stone as a thick layer of sugar.

The Title:

The titel of this marble sculpture tells, for the most part what I want to depict. It’s about the infinite love that you can feel for something/body. Many of us can tell these feelings perfectly in words, but when it comes to depict this into shapes, then it’s something completely different. De shape that occurs to me is not so much a random shape, but indefinable. Many forms can be eligible, especially since it evolves in my mind.
But this is the shape that I see and feel at this moment and I’ve depict it as a sort of snapshot of my feeling about the love I see and feel now.

Size: Height 120 cm x 50cm x 5-20 cm.  |  Weight : appr. 130 Kg.  |  © 2016 Sculptor JcK

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