Salvaged in Liberty

” Salvaged in Liberty “.

This sculpture, named “Salvaged in Liberty”, is made on commission for the Dutch company  ‘AVIKO’. It is cut out of a block marble, ‘Alicante Rojo’ of 2 meters high with a weight of approximately 10.000 pounds
In the photo gallery (see above) you can see where the stone is coming from. It is in a q quarry nearby the working place of Jan-Carel. On 1 of the photos you can see which part of the mountain is going to be used for this marble sculpture for AVIKO. The ‘Alicante Rojo’ is a stone which has emerged 60 million years ago. During the sculpting of this sculpture I find many fossils and crystals from that period. Sometimes even the crystal rooms are stuffed with water out of that period of time.

This sculpture is made in my Spanish workplace in Catral. It has already been transported to the customer in Didam (Netherlands).