Land Art Project – “The Time”

Land Art Project – “The Time”

Explanation installation

In this installation / sculpture it’s all about thoughts, thoughts in time.

The “WoodHenge” where the sculpture will be placed in, tells the story about the grave mounds of Krachtighuizen. It is a monument in which one can take place to come to his senses by thinking about the creation of the place Putten. But also about the creation of everything around us. What happened that led to what we see now?

The sculpture in the middle of the installation tells us about the history of Putten. When people talk about history, it’s often about a huge amount of numbers including many dates and enumerations of numbers. For many of us this is a great chaos of many numbers that is difficult to remember. In this sculpture, this chaos of numbers is displayed in the timeline in which several important dates are listed, representing the structure and history of Putten. In order to differentiate and create some clarification in this “chaos” of numbers, there will be used some different colors such as red, blue, black and gold. These different colors each have their own significance. The time bar on which the numbers are carved in will be placed angled against an abstract sculpture. The bearing sculpture is abstract to symbolize the blurring of time. The time which gradually abstracts the reality of time to a memory until there is only a loose thought and there remains a more and more abstract thought of it. Because of our continuing thoughts of the past and existing time, we can speak of history. The history remains because of our thoughts to it. The past will be floating timeless in space, because of our thoughts to it. These philosophical thought have similarities with the well known theory of relativity which confirmed that there are multiple dimensions possible. Time was a fourth dimension in which our thoughts could be stowed away.

My goal in this project is, to bring to life the thoughts, stored in time by focusing not only my thoughts, but also the thoughts of other people to it. The awareness that this generated helps keeping the thought of THE TIME alive.