Jan van Schaffelaar | Municipality of Barneveld

‘Jan van Schaffelaar’

In commission of the municipality of Barneveld I’m making a stone sculpture of their local hero ‘Jan van Schaffelaar’.

Jan van Schaffelaar was a cavalry officer in the duchy of Guelders (or Gelre), the Netherlands. Born in the region of Barneveld in the Veluwe Quarter about 1445, he was in the military service of David of Burgundy, the Bishop of Utrechtduring the region’s factional war known as the Hook and Cod Wars. He famously jumped to his death to spare his besieged troops. For more info about the knight see the Wikipedia about Jan van Schaffelaar

The municipality of Barneveld has given me the assignment to make a sculpture of this hero. The sculpture will be placed in front of the City Hall. It’s a sculpture of a sitting Knight, made in stone (Diabas). In the slideshow you can see how it’s made.

The sculpture is revealed 24th of November. For more information you can send an e-mail to: info@jancarelkoster.com


Small movie about the delivery of the stone in my studio in Voorthuizen: