Handmade Sink in Natural Stone

Handmade Sink

This unique natural stone and handmade sink is cut out in a massive rock of Diabas. Diabas is a beautiful compact and dark stone with deep green, almost black shades. The stone comes from the south of Germany and isn’t very common.

This sink is specially made to fit in a corner of a toilet room. The diameter is approximately 30-40 cm and the stainless steel drain is hidden away invisibly in the stone itself. It can be made in many sizes and versions. 

Available in various types of stone

The design always depends on the wishes of the customer and is therefore tailor-made and depending on the type of stone. The sink is available in a diversity of stones and even available in many Gemstones. Also a matching bath in Gemstone belongs to the possibility……. 🙂 

Example stones:

For more applications see: www.gemstonesculptures.com

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