The Golden Lamborghini Table

The ‘Golden Lamborghini Table’ owes its name to the fact that it is coated in 24 CARAT GOLD. This makes the table not only unique but most certainly exclusive. With this special project, Jan-Carel is putting a new masterpiece on the market that is not available anywhere else. Once the sculpture is finished, it will be filled with a crystal-clear epoxy cast resin. By adding the epoxy, the table becomes suitable for its initial purpose. The frame of the table will have a golden color. Whether this will be a shiny brass frame, or a gilded gold frame is up for the client to decide ….. Anything is possible!

The Wood

This wooden table is made from certified FSC wood that originates from Indonesia. The dimensions of the tabletop are 200 (length) x 110 (width) x 10 (height) cm. The photos below show the sawmill where the tabletop comes from. The photo on the right shows the wood that was selected for the tabletop, which is the second one from above in the photo. 



SUAR hout LAMBORGHINI Table | Beeldhouwer Jan-Carel Koster
SUAR hout LAMBORGHINI Table | Beeldhouwer Jan-Carel Koster


By using hammer and chisel, a Lamborghini logo more than 8 cm deep was carved into the tabletop. Because the tabletop was carved sufficiently deep, Jan-Carel was able to add extra relief by carving below the tail and horn of the ‘Lamborghini Bull’. To give an impression, the video below shows some of the work so far. 

The type of wood, called SUAR, is easy to work with in terms of hardness. The structure of this wood, however, makes it a lot more challenging to process because it is cross-stranded. This means that the direction of the nerve – which equals the direction one needs to carve – can shift during the process. Adapting to these directional changes can be very difficult, if not impossible. The wood experts amongst us must be familiar with this issue. 

Interested in this table?

Jan-Carel has made this table for the real LAMBORGHINI enthusiast. The combination in colors (wood, black and gold) therefore suits its goal and, above all, deserves to be considered magnificent. The use of 24 carat gold makes this table even more exclusive. If you are interested in this table, you can send an email to Jan-Carel with your questions. The table will be available at the beginning of May – 2020. 

Other Logo?

Do you prefer a different logo (i.e. Ferrari, Porsche or …. )? Do not hesitate to ask Jan-Cael, for he would be delighted to create another unique object. Below you can find his email address and the order form if you want to order directly. 



Making of the Golden Lamborghini table

The Golden Lamborghini table

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