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The videos below will give you a unique look at Jan-Carel’s recent work. Here he shows his art projects that are executed small- but usually large sizes.

During the most recent period, Jan-Carel has developed himself in the field of applied art. For these projects, he uses gemstone to work with. Because this has become a prominent branch within Jan-Carel’s work, he decided to add a new name to his business:  Gemstone Applied Art | By watching some of the videos below you will get a good impression of what these projects entail. Some of them deserve to be highlighted, such as the gemstone bath, made from a rock Labradorite of 18,000 kg.

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The Golden Porsche Table

The Synchronizing Universe

First impression of the Porsche Table

The making of "The Golden Lamborghini Table".

The Corona monument - Covid-19

The AJAX Table of the Netherlands

The Golden Lamborghini Table

Gemstone Urn Sculpture

The sound of woodcarving.

Abstract and realistic Art

The making of the AJAX Table

Sculpting in Wood

Wall Sculpture

Amazing Epoxy "Ocean" Table

Extra service Bathroom furniture

Making of a stone fountain

Bathroom furniture

How to make an Exclusive Desk Sculpture

The Harley-Davidson Table

Transport of a 3000 Kg. natural stone fountain

Handcarved Table álá " Sons of Anarchy".

The Red Tree from Nijkerk | Netherlands

Gemstone Bath Sculpture

Sculptor Jan-Carel Koster

Sculptor Jan-Carel Koster in his workplace in Spain

The arrival of a stone at Jan-Carel's work spot in Spain

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