Sculptor Jan-Carel Koster 

Official website of Dutch Sculptor Jan-Carel Koster whose workplace is located in Voorthuizen, The Netherlands. 

In 2008, Jan-Carel became a full-time sculptor. Initially, his main focus was on Art in Public Space, which has resulted in many great projects. After doing this for several years, Jan-Carel developed a new specialization: Applied Arts for the Interior. To bring this to a higher level, he has cooperated with companies that specialize in Interior Design. However, since Jan-Carel work extends to a broad range, he collaborates with companies from several branches. 

On the ABOUT page, you will find more information about Jan-Carel and his sources of inspiration.

High-End Interior 

Jan Carel’s expertise is very broad-based. Consequently, his designs are successful in all kinds of segments of the market. Yet, his work characterizes itself but its unique style and exclusiveness. This especially accounts for his high-end interior objects. For example, take a look at this bathtub sculpture made of gemstone. Given the outstanding quality of this never to be repeated sculpture, it clearly belongs to the high and upper-end segments of the market. Besides bathroom furniture, Jan-Carel creates other exclusive interior objects that meet the same quality, such as wall sculptures and personalized tables. 

Please have a look around on this webpage and feel free to ask for information. For contact details, please see the contact page. 


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