Interior Designer? 

Are you an Interior Designer? Then this may interest you! In addition to the products that Jan-Carel has already created, many more beautiful products can be created in collaboration with you. After all, two heads are better than one.

Your design  

Do you have a design in mind but do not know how, or if it can be executed? Please feel free to contact Jan-Carel to discuss the possibilities. He may be able to help you achieve what it takes to create your design. It is worthy to note that Jan-Carel comes from a family of creatives, artists and construction workers. Along with his 42 years of work experience, his background has contributed to advanced expertise within the field. Based on his expertise, Jan-Carel can provide you with the widest range of options that will help you get the most out of your design.

Design together 

Do you already have a design in mind that is only missing technical details? Maybe you do not have a design yet, but you would still like to know what the options are? In that case, Jan-Carel can share his ideas in order to develop a unique and exclusive design together with you. Whether it has to be created out of wood or stone; both provide plenty of possibilities.  Moreover, the design options are infinite.

Natural stone fountain

Natural stone fountain | Sculptor Jan-Carel Koster

"The golden Porsche table".

Natural stone fountain | Sculptor Jan-Carel Koster

Inspired by nature 

Nowadays, there is a great demand for interior objects that are inspired by nature. From Jan-Carels’ work, it can be seen that he has spent most of his childhood in nature, for nature plays an important role throughout his designs. Like no other, Jan-Carel is able to combine his passion for nature and sculpting in order to create objects that stand out by its exclusiveness and uniqueness. Whether Jan-Carel carries out a project by himself, or in collaboration, the passion he puts into this remains the same.

When working with Jan-Carel, the work he adds to the design can be either subtle or a bit more prominent at other times. Yet, he ensures that every object has a calm and natural appeal. For example, take a look at this bathroom furniture made out of natural stone. Here, Jan-Carels’ work complements the beautiful features of the object already given by nature.

For projects like these, your expertise as an Interior designer can be of great value because together with you, a well-considered choice can be made for the right style and execution. The result will be an exclusive design, suitable for high-end clients who are interested in products that are one of a kind. For every project, the margin is negotiable, although this will also rely on the widely varying material costs and application possibilities. For example, think of the possible applications of gemstone.

Golden Porsche Table | Sculptor Jan-Carel Koster
En Suite deuren van hout in de Gotische Stijl | Ontwerp Beeldhouwer Jan-Carel Koster

Previous projects  

As an Interior Designer, you naturally adapt to the specific wishes of your client, along with the current trends. However, you may also wish to distinguish yourself through your unique designs. Collaborating on a project with Jan-Carel can make this possible.

To illustrate previous projects, the above picture shows the En Suite doors. Today, we see many houses that have doors made out of black steel. Although these doors can be costly, there has been an increasing demand for these doors. But as the number of providers increases as well, Interior designers -but also high-end consumers- are looking for something new and exclusive. Therefore, Jan-Carel was approached by an interior design agency to ask if he could think of something for this enquiry.

The result was a project as shown in the sketch shown above. For this project, Jan-Carel created En Suite doors with the same graceful appearance of steel but executed in wood instead. Jan-Carel had done several tests to make sure that the load-bearing capacity of the wooden frames was equal to the ones made from steel. The result was outstanding and an addition to the high-end market. The doors will soon be available in various types of wood and colours. The interior design company was highly satisfied with the result, especially because they were the first company to offer it within The Netherlands.


Have you become interested, but foremost inspired by what you have read and seen on this webpage?

Please feel free to call or e-mail Jan-Carel. He would be delighted to discuss the possibilities with you.  

Gemstone Bathtub by Sculptor Jan-Carel Koster

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