Where To Buy a Crystal Gemstone Bathtub? 2024 Buying Guide

Written by Jan-Carel Koster

My name is Jan-Carel, and I have been an artist and sculptor for over 30 years. My passion is to create beautiful objects with raw natural edges.

May 14, 2024

Maybe you are a project manager that needs to research where to buy a crystal gemstone bathtub for a client. Or maybe you are an architect looking for a crown jewel addition to a bathroom you are designing. Whatever the case, buying such an exclusive bathtub is not as easy as going to your neigbourhood bathroom retailer. Although you can find some options online, the list is very limited. That’s why I have compiled a short list of options that I will share with you, and furthermore, give you some guidance in what option is best for you.

Crystal vs. Gemstone

The definition of a crystal gemstone bathtub is closely tied to the definition of crystal vs gemstone. In short, a gemstone is always a crystal, but a crystal is not always a gemstone. Sugar, for example, is a crystal but not a gemstone. On the other hand, rose quartz is both a crystal and a gemstone.

Now that we have established what a crystal gemstone is, I can explain what a crystal gemstone bathtub is. To clarify, a crystal gemstone bathtub is a luxury bathtub crafted from a single piece or multiple pieces of natural crystal gemstone. Designed to be visually stunning and considered a high-end luxury item due to the rarity and beauty of the materials used.

rose quarts bathtub - baldi firenze
Rose quartz bathtub designed and produced by Baldi

Standard or Custom Design

Roughly we can separate the options in two categories: standard and custom designed crystal bathtub. Naturally, you are wondering what option is best suited for you. Let’s shortly discuss the things to look out for when it comes to buying a crystal gemstone bathtub.


A manufacturer designs a standard bathtub to make manufacturing simpler and to please a boarder audience. It will therefore be more generic, but at the same time can save a lot on the price. On the other hand, a custom designed bathtub is designed with the customers specific requirements in mind. The designer will sit with you, the customer, to discuss dimensions, type of gemstone, style and additional modifications. This will result in a unique piece of art, which understandibly will increase the price.

Additional to the aestethics of the design, you can also add special modifications to a custom designed bathtub. Take for instance this rose quartz bathtub that I designed specific to the customers biometric measurements.


Since both options can deliver low and high quality it is important to actively research this. However, you can voice your expectations and requirements if you are working with a custom designer. If you are purchasing a standard model online, make sure you reach out to the shop beforehand to verify the quality of the product.


When ordering online you may expect to have the product delivered to your house. Although this may sound straightforward, you must remember that transport and delivery of such an incredibly heavy and large item is difficult and costly. Additionally you must consider the accessibility of end destination, import-taxes, and security. It won’t be easy to return your 2000 kg bathtub if it arrives damaged. Professional designers and sculptors will most likely have experience and contacts in logistics and transporting large heavy items safely. Therefore, this option will give you considerably less stress.


We’ve touched on it before, but unsurpisingly working with a custom designer will be much more expensive. Ultimately you will have consider your budget, and what you value most. It is worth noting that although working with a custom designer is much more expensive, you might be buying an art piece that will only increase in value over time.

Trustworthiness & Reliability

Buying a crystal gemstone bathtub is expensive no matter what option you choose. Therefore, you need to make very sure that your seller is reliable. A shop may have bad intentions and send you a sub-par quality product, or nothing at all. Even if a shop has good intentions, there is much experise required to get the bathtub delivered in one piece. Make sure to do your research!

Labradorite bath overlooking the ocean
Labradorite bath overlooking the ocean

2024 Buying Options

See below a list of sculptors, artists online shops and manufacturers of crystal gemstone baths.

Standard design

Custom design

What Option is Best For You?

The best option for you first of all depends on your budget, and second of all what you value. Do you want to set yourself apart with an unique piece of exclusive and luxury art? Or is the luxury of having a gemstone bath enough for you?

If you are a first time buyer, consulting with a professional is a good idea. This is because a professional can help you with ideas on design and what gemstone to use. In addition, how to arrange transport, import taxes and how to care for your newly purchased bathtub. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions about the possibilities of having a bespoke crystal bath made for you.


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