Autonomous sculpture – “The Rhythm of Life”.

Past few weeks I’ve finally been able to make an autonomous work again. The commissions I was working were put to side and a few ones I already finished. So this will be the first time in approximately 1 and half year to make something for myself and play with some shapes en thoughts which I was carrying with me quite some time. There were some ideas and shapes that I want to try out in wood. Therefore, I first made a small model in clay where after I looked for a big piece of beech wood in my stock that fulfilled to the size and requirements.

Hier is duidelijk het "slaap" zichtbaar in deze Beukenhouten sculptuur.

The sleep is here clearly visible in this part of the sculpture.

It had to be beech, because in this kind of wood appears a sort of mold, we call “sleep”, which gives a very nice structure into the wood. Just like a pen drawing. This kind of mold appears also in other kinds of wood, such as Birch and Poplar, but that is not the kind of wood I’d like to use because of the bad quality.

Not only the pen drawing in the wood, but also the shapes and thoughts about the 4th dimension in this sculpture is important and must be very well coordinated.

My thought was to make a big sculpture, not very big, but something in between. On a nice socle. A sculpture that depict my thoughts of this very moment. I have done this by searching into the three above described aspects and look for a combination. It is a well known fact that the process of putrefaction makes very beautiful drawings in wood. Often you can find a drawing into this beech wood that is already beautiful of itself. This in combination with the shape were I was thinking of kept me thinking of many things that happened and still happen in my life.

As far as I can judge, this sculpture can even apply on each other living human been, but because of the fact that I’m living my own life and you life your life, I obviously write about my perception behind this autonomous sculpture.

The name of this sculpture already says it in one small sentence: “The Rhythm of Life”.

For me, it means that life itself has its own flow. Things keep on happening in each others life and this happens always with a certain reason. It is the choice of this particular person what to do whit it. Everybody has a choice to do thing on their very own way. Not everybody will agree this with me, but I believe that it is always a choice to do things on a different, own kind of way, allowing the positive thing to come forward. When you keep on doing this with everything in your life, (allowing to bring the positive to come forward), then on a certain moment there will be some kind of flow were many positive things keep on coming into your life. But even, when something negatives will happen, it can be explained in a positive way. Afterwards you often can say that it wasn’t possible in any other way that is had happen.

This concatenation of opportunities in u human life I call “The Rhythm of Life”.  For myself I depict it to create a big fluent wave wherein I cut rhythmic  small waves. It contains for me that all small things that happen in a human life it affects the creation of the bigger picture. Every small detail in a human life has its implication in the further life of every person. When all those small things are added up it becomes spontaneously something bigger.

The Rhythm of Life made in Beech wood by Sculptor Jan-Carel Koster.

The Rhythm of Life made in Beech wood by Sculptor Jan-Carel Koster.

You have to make the choice, (before something happens), to create something positive of every little thing in life, allowing bigger thing to originate.

This is how I see the big wave in this sculpture, as a positive wave in society which we created ourselves. Just like the maintaining of the economic crises. We all think of it and we all believe it is a crises because all media and all people keep on shouting it to each other. When more and more people will say that the crises is over, and bring out there positive thoughts, then there will be more and more people to believe it. By all this small and positive thought together, there will arise one big thought. The trust in the economy will restore and people will go on living without giving it a second thought.

This is how I see it in many other things, for myself I try to live my life in this certain way, it is a choice of me which I made a long time ago. A choice of which I hope to be an example for many others and especially for the younger people who do not know which way they have to walk on. They’re standing on the beginning of a path wherein they have to make a choice which will bring them into the right direction and bring them the right rhythm in life. This is most effective when they will follow their own feeling and keep on doing things they like most. I won’t say to everyone that they must do what they like most, because I think that that won’t bring us any good. When I ask my 15 year old son what he like to do most, he says probably he wants to chill with his friends. What I mean is that everyone must follow his heart and when you have a passion and special gift for something, … go for it, keep on building your dream. This will not be done in one day, but when you believe in it, something positives will come out of it.

This accumulation of positive things sets the right rhythm in life. And precisely this rhythm is important. Just think of walking on a crowded market where you constantly are being obstructed through many people. After half an hour you are exhausted, while walking in a forest for example, where you can take your own rhythm, you are less tired. There from it seems to be true that when you emphasis the positive aspects of life, you will be standing strong in life, it will give you more joy and it will bring color to society, in contrast to when you get stuck in a blocked pattern of live (think of when you will be obstructed on a market square which is crowded).

The subtle colors on the lines of the small waves

The subtle colors on the lines of the small waves

That color in society I subtle depict on many small waves in the sculpture. On different parts there are soft colors to be found on the fluent lines which depicts, in combination with the natural drawing in the wood, the natural things and the created things by humans in life. Nature gives us the first natural guideline, together with our colors there can grow something beautiful. The Nature is the guideline and the colors in this sculpture I see as the many small positive aspects of which we all can choose to do it or not.

To be short, what I will say with this sculpture is that every living been have to make its own rhythm by following its passion until there will be something on its path wherein they see a change. In this way their own rhythm will arise in life, it will make life easier and it will bring more color to it. It will make life worth living for. I hope this sculpture will encourage people to think of all these small things.

What pleases the feeling, can’t be else then to be a delight for the eye.


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