WoodHenge – “De Tijd”

By Jan-Carel Koster

Landart project WoodHenge

This landart project WoodHenge – ‘The Time” is made by designer and sculptor Jan-Carel Koster and is located in Putten, Gelderland (intersection Schovenhorsterveldweg – Krachtighuizerweg).

Explanation of the installation

This installation / sculpture is about thoughts, thoughts in time.

The “Woodhenge” in which the sculpture is located tells a story about the burial mounds in Krachtighuizen. It is a monument in which one can take a seat and reflect on the creation of Putten, but also the creation of everything around us. What happened that led to what we see now.

The sculpture in the middle tells a story about Putten’s history.

When people talk about history, they often talk about a large number of figures, including many dates and lists of numbers. For many of us, this is a big mess of numbers that is difficult to remember. In this sculpture, this chaos of numbers is shown in the timeline, which lists various important dates that reflect the structure and history of Putten. To make a distinction and create clarity in this “chaos” of numbers, different colors are used, including red, blue, black and gold, each of which has its own meaning. The time bar on which the figures are carved will be placed diagonally against an abstract sculpture. The supporting sculpture is abstract to symbolize the fading of time.

The time that over time abstracts reality into a memory until all that remains is a loose thought and an increasingly abstract thought.
The time that continues to exist because we continue to think about it is called history. History therefore continues to exist through our thoughts about this, the past continues to float timelessly in space through our thoughts, which in turn has similarities with the philosophical thoughts of the theory of relativity in which it was confirmed that multiple dimensions are possible. Time was a fourth dimension in which our thoughts could be stored.

Jan-Carel-Koster busy with chisel

Jan-Carel Koster

– “My objective in this project is to bring to life the thoughts, stored in time, by focusing my, but also the thoughts of other people, on them. The consciousness this raises helps maintain “the thought” of!”

Chronological overview of the dates and numbers

– 4000 The first traces of the oldest inhabitants of this area date from this time.
+ 550 – 800 Grave field from the Merovingian – Carolingian period.
+ 806 First mentioned Farm Bochhurst, now Groot Bockhorst.
+ 855 The name Putten is mentioned for the first time in a deed by the Frisian nobleman Folckerus.
+ 1031 Origin of “Hof van Putten” (Kelnarij or monastery).
+ 1356 Dike construction.
+ 1416 Nijkerk and Voorthuizen become independent, leaving Putten as an independent municipality.
+ 1608 Until this time Putten was a Catholic village, after the reformation, which was almost complete, only a small number of Catholics remained.
+ 1772 Construction of the Groot Hoog Eind Farm.
+ 1883 Construction of railway line between Amersfoort and Zwolle, realized by Baron Golfstein.
+ 1899 Start of construction of the Mill of the Van de Pol Family.
+ 1925 Jo Bezaan discovers the Burial Mounds in Krachtighuizen.
+ 1944 1-10 Razzia in Putten on October 1st of this year.
3-8-1931 Birthday of Klaas Friso, (local historian).
3-11-2007 Date of death of Klaas Friso.
+ 1945 Liberation of Wells
+ 1948 Construction of the Putten forest pool
+ 1952 Establishment of Putten football club
+ 10-2000 Establishment of the Art Foundation in Putten.
+ 2011-2013 Present tense.

– 52°14’46”N
– 5°37’38”E Coordinates of the latitude and longitude of the location where the burial mounds are found.
– 45849 The burial mounds have a number because these burial mounds are of very high cultural, historical value and are a national monument.
– 40 The number of burn graves in the burial mounds 40 meter high Bostoren at Schovenhorst Estate.
– 80 The number of common graves in the hills.
– 659 men arrested and deported from Putten during the raid
– 48 These are the surviving men who returned after the raid.
– 23,730 Number of inhabitants of the Municipality of Putten on October 2010.
– 87.45 Number of square kilometers of the Municipality of Putten
– 2.71 of the Municipality of Putten consists of water.
– 19 The number of councilors in the Putten Municipal Council.
– 16 The number of primary schools in the year 2011.


Red: Important dates in the construction of Putten
Blue: Numbers
Black: Various dates.
Gold: Birth and death dates.

St. Art in Putten – Landal Greenpark – KBB Network – Inote – Elja Funeral Care


Are you interested in having a bespoke artwork made for you? There is a wide variety of possibilities, from type of wood used, dimensions and personalizations. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Jan-Carel to find out what’s possible.



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