“The synchronizing universe”

By Jan-Carel Koster

Wall sculpture

This autonomous wooden wall sculpture was made by Jan-Carel in Robinia, also called mock acacia. As soon as he has some time left, he makes such objects to represent his own views on certain subjects.

Technical Information

Material:  Robinia wood
Origins:  The Netherlands
Measurements:  105 x 38 cm
Weight:  38 kg

The synchronizing universe title
Jan-Carel calls himself a Multi-dimensional sculptor because he works in the first 3 most well-known dimensions, height, width and depth. But also in the 4th and 5th dimensions by describing a story behind the sculpture and of course working in special materials, which in their way give extra energy to the sculpture. In this way he gives an extra positive charge to this sculpture. Usually it is about something that plays a role in his daily life. This is also the case in this wooden wall sculpture. The title of this sculpture actually says enough in this case. By telling it instead of describing it, there is enough room for you to let go of your creative thoughts.

Before / After

rojo alicante

Robinia wood

Robinia wood, also known as black locust wood, comes from the black locust tree (Robinia pseudoacacia). Robinia wood is known for its durability and strength. It has a high resistance to decay and insects, making it a popular choice for outdoor applications. The heartwood of black locust is typically a yellow to golden brown color, and the sapwood is lighter.

The Synchronizing Universe


Are you interested in having a bespoke artwork made for you? There is a wide variety of possibilities, from type of wood used, dimensions and personalizations. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Jan-Carel to find out what’s possible.

Beeldhouwer Jan-Carel Koster _ Wash-Basin 5


Jan-Carel Koster

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