“The Circle of Life”

By Jan-Carel Koster

The sculpture

This sculpture was commissioned by a private individual who wanted to see his life depicted. The name of the sculpture basically says enough about the 4th dimension. In the story below I have removed the personal facts, leaving a brief description of this sculpture.

Technical Information

Material:  Oak wood
Origins:  Arnhem, The Netherlands
Source:  Fallen Oak tree

The fourth dimension

Thinking of the customer’s story about their parents, how they looked up to them as a small child, to the parents they were proud of, I realize that life is a cycle in which we move on earth every day. You are born, you grow up, get married, have children, work, away from home a lot, children who look up to you and expect a lot from you, you retire and before you know it, life here on earth is over. While a new life begins for the newly born, who will also experience a similar cycle.

When I think about this, I see and am once again aware of how fast life goes and that each life cycle is very different but fundamentally very similar (this also depends on the place of birth of the individual).

The cycle is particularly important to me right now in this sculpture. The round nature of the sculpture and the name “The Circle of Life” are easy to identify. The abstract various shapes and the organic interplay of lines in the sculpture symbolize the path of life, which is different for everyone and flows through life like an energy wave. One wave runs smoothly and transitions smoothly into another wavy line while another line can stop abruptly.
This symbolizes various life paths of one or more people where you can come up with your own story that matches your own energy.

Sculptor Jan-Carel Koster l The Circle of Life 5
Sculptor Jan-Carel Koster l The Circle of Life 1

Oak wood

White oak (Quercus alba) is a popular hardwood known for its strength, durability, and attractive appearance. It is widely used in various woodworking applications and is valued for its versatility and distinctive characteristics, mainly durability, workability and beautiful appearance.

The sculpture is made from an old dried oak trunk of approximately 80 cm in diameter and is subsequently finished with a crystal clear epoxy according to the customer’s wishes.

In short: this sculpture can be seen as a monument to it
human life.


Are you interested in having a bespoke artwork made for you? There is a wide variety of possibilities, from type of wood used, dimensions and personalizations. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Jan-Carel to find out what’s possible.

Circle of Life - sculptor - Jan-Carel Koster


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