“Hanging in the moment”

By Jan-Carel Koster

Hanging in the moment

This wall sculpture was commissioned by a client and Jan-Carel made it from a weathered piece of beech wood found in the forest.

Technical Information

Material:  Beech
Origins:  The Netherlands
Measurements:  200 cm
Weight:  38 kg

The origins of the design
The customer for whom this artwork was specifically created came to Jan-Carel because they were looking for a unique work of art. First of all they thought about a painting, of course also very beautiful, but she still wanted something different, something that no one else has. By googling different search terms they ended up on this site. According to their words, they saw a wide variety of works of art, from large to small, from realistic to abstract and in stone and wood. That’s why they decided to just call to ask if Jan-Carel could do something for them. In this conversation they explained what they wanted, namely a work of art with their personal story expressed in it. For the wall perhaps? Instead of a painting perhaps? Are there options for this?

According to Jan-Carel, yes, so he started working for the customer.

The idea

A week later, Jan-Carel came up with an idea and a sketch. This included a small description in which Jan-Carel expressed exactly what the customer was looking for; In their opinion, the difficult times they had experienced and overcome together were perfectly reflected in the design of the wall sculpture. Only a small adjustment in the way the hands of the two figures interlocked and she had to get a bob-line haircut… No problem of course, an extra personal touch is usually very nice, as in this case.


Sculpting process

Because everything is carved from one piece, making this wall sculpture was certainly a challenge. The difficulty lay mainly in the way in which Jan-Carel had sufficient overview of the trunk into which the sculpture had to be carved. In addition, a good working attitude was also a requirement. This actually meant that Jan-Carel first had to make an entire installation before he could start working properly. And as small as this sculpture is, it was quite a challenge to carve it.

What you have to pay attention to, for example, is that the figures hang straight below each other. And since the thinnest part is only 3-4 mm. is thick, the lower figure had to be carved first before he could start with the upper one. After a lot of fiddling, everything worked out again and the customer was very satisfied.

rojo alicante

Beech wood

Beech wood is renowned for its excellent workability. It is easy to machine, cut, and shape. It turns, glues, and finishes well. The wood takes stains and finishes uniformly, allowing for a smooth and attractive surface. Because of the requirements of this sculpture Beech was the perfect choice.

Sculpting with wood


Are you interested in having a bespoke artwork made for you? There is a wide variety of possibilities, from type of wood used, dimensions and personalizations. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Jan-Carel to find out what’s possible.

Beeldhouwer Jan-Carel Koster _ Wash-Basin 5


Jan-Carel Koster

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