Wood art

By Jan-Carel Koster

Highlighted projects

Bespoke wood art scupltings

Meaningful art

Expressing the fourth dimension

If there is one thing Jan-Carel is good at it is creating art that tells a story that goes deeper than what meets the eye.

Wood is a beautiful material to work with and the first material Jan-Carel honed his skills on. He is an expert at translating your vision into a reality, delivering an artwork that will leave you speechless whilst capturing and expressing a deeper dimension and story.


Choosing responsibly

Ecologically concious sculptures

In order not to cause unnecessary harm to nature, Jan-Carel regularly scours the Dutch forests in search of dead pieces of wood and fallen trees that he can use for his next project.

Using these dead pieces of wood he chisels your dream into a masterpiece, crafting a sculpture that breathes life into your imagination.

Feel free to get in touch without hesitation to explore the available options.

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