By Jan-Carel Koster

Exclusive wall sculpture

This plaster wall sculpture is named “Gabriëlla” and was custom made for customers in Amsterdam, in an old monumental building.

Technical Information

Material:  Plaster

The story behind this wall sculpture – ‘Gabriëlla’

This exclusive wall finish was made in the former studio of Dutch Sculptor Abraham Hesselink (1862-1930). He is known, among other things, for his 3-meter-high marble Angel, called “De Faam”, which is currently in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. In the photo below you can see the ‘De Faam’ still standing on the spot in his studio where Jan-Carel has now made his angel.

The current residents of this house in Amsterdam have turned Abraham’s indoor 5-meter-high studio into a kitchen-diner. Their wish was to reflect the ‘spirit’ of Abraham Hesselink in their kitchen. And to realize that wish, they submitted it to Jan-Carel, together with a small sketch of what they had in mind.


Jan-Carel then made preparations in his own studio by making some plaster molds. Meanwhile, the walls were tightly plastered so that the molds could be mounted in the correct position. Some adjustments were still necessary because the initial wish was to hang the Angel straight. But once it was hanging straight, it was nicer to hang it a little crooked. The face also had to be in a different position than initially indicated, so the face had to be completely recreated on the spot. No problem for Jan-Carel because the result is the ultimate goal for him and he does not stop until the work of art has acquired the right appearance for him.

He then carved the shape he had in mind from the plaster. This way of working makes it look as if the Angel Gabriella emerges from the wall and is one with the wall. Take a look at the video at the bottom of this page which shows the process step by step.

Abraham Hesselink standing next to sculpture "De Faam"
“De Faam” – Abraham Hesselink
Gabriella sculpture LED backlight - Jan-Carel-Koster

The light

The idea and design is already a special concept that you rarely see. But by placing a spotlight on it, the whole thing gets an extra dimension that is enhanced by the LED strip he has installed behind the wings. The result is a beautiful and unique wall finish in the form of a wall sculpture that forms one whole with the wall and the rest of the interior. The color of the wall and the Angel are the same, creating a calm, serene appearance.


Would you like something like this in your home or business? Feel free to ask Jan-Carel about the possibilities. He is happy to take the time to come up with a great idea and/or design together with you. Jan-Carel made a realistic design for this customer because the customer preferred this. But an abstract or stylized work of art on your wall that forms one whole with your wall and interior is of course also possible.

In the two Youtube videos below you can get an idea of the process of making these sculptures, and what the possibilities are.

Gabriella-in-the-making - Beeldhouwer-Jan-Carel-Koster

Exclusive wall sculpture “Gabriëlla”

Different wall sculpture


Are you interested in having a bespoke sculpture made for you? There is a wide variety of possibilities, from abstract to life like sculptures, dimensions and personalizations. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Jan-Carel to find out what’s possible.

Beeldhouwer Jan-Carel Koster _ Wash-Basin 5


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