Unique grave monuments


by Jan-Carel Koster

Personal story

Unique grave monuments can be a way to tell a last story after you have passed, or it can be a beautiful way of showing a last tribute to a loved one.

Jan-Carel often gets contacted by people that are interested in having a unique grave monument made for them. The reasons vary greatly, but they always have something in common: they tell a very personal and special story.

For this reason Jan-Carel always brings a visit in person to discuss the monument, to see if there is a click and a positive feeling that he can create such a personal object, and to get a clear image of the full story and what is requested.

gravestone made by jan-carel koster

How Jan-Carel can help


During the visit Jan-Carel discusses your story and motive, but also ideas that you might already have about what you want.

If needed and desired, he helps to give these ideas some more shape and make them more concrete.

Jan-Carel takes a holistic approach to the usage of shapes, images and material type for his sculptures, and they are all equally important in representing your story.



When the idea about the sculpture is clear and concrete Jan-Carel moves on to the design. The ideas are converted into a sketch that will serve as the basis for the eventual sculpture.

Schets Monument dolfijn


The sketch is converted into a sculpture. First the right stone is sourced, depending on the project Jan-Carel will do this via suppliers, or travel to the quarry himself to pick the perfect one.

After this the basic block is transformed into a complex sculpture and the monument takes shape. Finally it is polished where needed.


To fully unburden you, and make sure everything goes smooth, Jan-Carel can take care of transport and installation for you.

He works together with a partner that takes care of any specialized and heavy lifting, safe and secure transport and professional installation.

This takes away all stress, and makes sure evertything runs smoothly when it is most welcome.

From sketch to grave monument

sketchgrave monument

You can have a personal conversation with Jan-Carel about your story

To fully understand someones story, someones character and personality and to get a feeling for the underlying emotions, Jan-Carel finds it important to meet in person before a grave monument can be made.

This gives you the opportunity to tell your story and really be heard, which will make sure Jan-Carel can create something that will truly fit you and your wishes.

The process of polishing a grave monument

Feeling inspired?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Jan-Carel. He would gladly assist you with any inquiries about the possibilities of having a bespoke grave monument made for you.