Timeless is an autonomous marble sculpture of 2 meters high that Jan-Carel made. The unprocessed block weighed more than 4,800 kg, which after processing still weighed approximately 2,500 kg.

Technical Information

Material:  Rojo Alicante (Red Marble)
Origins:  Spain
Weight before:  4800kg
Weight after:  2500 kg

How the design came to be

Jan-Carel explains:

“The sculpture, like all my other works, is a Multi-Dimensional sculpture, meaning that the 4th dimension tells a story that is described as a kind of message for others to complete the sculpture. This ‘message’ remains in our thoughts as a kind of energy, where it is given its own place in space where it can continue to remind us of this energy.

For me, this sculpture means that I feel like time seems to be passing faster and faster. It also symbolizes the relatively short time we spend on earth. In this ‘short’ period we must all learn to enjoy the time we have. Learning to enjoy the moment as if time stood still.
But imagine if time really stood still… what then?

Therefore, let us do the things we want and can do and no longer postpone this until ‘later’.
Because later may not come or may come in a different form than we think.

With this in mind, this sculpture was created, which, as it were, blossoms, like a kind of seed that germinates. You can position the opening so that the sunlight, which gives off the life force to us, radiates through it. You can think of the rays around the opening as the sun’s rays.

When you look through the opening into the void, think that you are, as it were, looking through the sun into the light. This symbolizes life on the other side of this time zone, a place where time is irrelevant or even non-existent.”

rojo alicante

Rojo Alicante (Red Marble)

Rojo Alicante refers to a type of red marble that is quarried in the Alicante region of southeastern Spain. This marble is known for its striking red color with white or golden veins and is widely used in various architectural and decorative applications.


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