“The undefinable shape of infinite love”

By Jan-Carel Koster

Unique artwork

This marble sculpture (free work) is made in the stone type ‘Rojo Alicante’. It is a piece of marble that comes from the war memorial that was placed in 2016 on the Manitobaplein in Vriezenveen.

I managed to save this beautiful piece because there was a fracture line in the large piece. The fault line is now the back of this sculpture. The crystallization of the marble is clearly visible, which seems to be spread over the stone like a kind of sugar layer.ts own story for the viewer.

Technical Information

Material:  Rojo Alicante (Red Marble)
Origins:  Spain
Measurements:  H. 120 x W. 50 x D. 5 cm
Weight:  ±130 kg

The title

The title of this marble sculpture largely explains what I wanted to portray. It’s about the infinite love you can feel for something or someone. Many can express their feelings about this very nicely in words. But in images and forms this is something completely different. The shape that arises for me is not so much random, but indefinable. Many forms can qualify for this, especially because it evolves in my mind. But this form is what I see and feel at this moment and that is why I have depicted it as a snapshot of my feeling for NOW.

For this marble sculpture there are two poets who wrote a verse from their feelings:

The 1st Poet comes from Ghent (Belgium) and is a classical poet. He has already written many collections (see his website).

A review by Guido Lauwaert about a collection of his reads:
“Rob Van de Zande’s poetry has the color of Shakespeare’s. He rises above the rush for effect and ego of most young poets. If only we had more poetry of such style and class.”

His name is Rob Van de Zande and you can find his work here.

The poem by ‘Rob Van de Zande’ (original poem is in Dutch):

Poet Rob-van-de-Zande

Rob van de Zande

“The undefinable

shape of infinite love”

Zijn leer ontvouwt hier
En strekt zich ten volle uit,
Doch ’n kreukende rivier
Smukt een rotsige huid
En zo waaien tien blossen,
Welke vanuit het Zuiden,
De timbres doen dossen
En ‘n stenen nocturne luiden;
Ja, zo is het hem gegeven
En neemt het nimmer ’n eind,
Zoals hij ’t figuur doet leven
En in dit liefdesbeeld verdwijnt.

The 2nd Poet comes from Barneveld (Netherlands). He is an intuitive poet/speaker and writer and also has several collections to his name, including ‘Heaven in your Heart’.

With this collection of poems he conveys a special message:
“Be guided by your heart and look at the world from your heart, with your head acting in the background, then you will see and experience that love is everywhere, around you and within yourself. Love does not take place yesterday, not tomorrow, but in the NOW.”

His name is Marti Jansen and you can find his work on his Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/marti.jansen/timeline

The poem by ‘Marti Jansen’ (original poem is in Dutch):

Poet Marti Jansen

Marti Jansen

“The undefinable

shape of infinite love”

Wanneer de liefde uit eeuwig steen
Geliefkoosd door zuiver talent

Zijn vorm vormeloos eeuwig is
En door de beeldhouwer is gekend

Zijn bewondering een wonder wordt
De verbeelding zijn handen verwent

Verandert steen in zuivere liefde
Wordt eindeloos zijn hand herkend

rojo alicante quarry

Rojo Alicante

Rojo Alicante refers to a type of red marble that is quarried in the Alicante region of southeastern Spain. This marble is known for its striking red color with white or golden veins and is widely used in various architectural and decorative applications.


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