Natural Stone
art sculptures

By Jan-Carel Koster

Public space projects

Natural stone art projects that grace the public space

Abstract art projects

Natural stone abstract art projects that tell stories

gravestone made by jan-carel koster

Are you looking for a special grave monument for you or a loved one?

A special and beautiful tribute on your own grave, of that of a loved one. Maybe you already have an idea of what you want or maybe not at all, either way Jan-Carel can help you design and make a special grave monument.

Meaningful art

Unspoiled natural beauty and elegance

If you’re in search of that one element to complete your project and truly elevate your interior design, then one of Jan-Carel’s natural stone sculptures is the perfect choice.

Natural stone carries an ancient energy that becomes palpable when it finds a place within your home. These works of art accentuate the innate splendor of the stone, all the while retaining a raw edge that serves as a constant reminder of its origin, infusing a unique quality that nothing else can replicate.


Endless possibilities

Carefully selected stones

Jan-Carel regularly visits quarries around Europe to find the stones that he likes to work with. He knows exactly where to find the one that will suit your project, and in special cases even picks it out for you on-site.

He possesses the remarkable ability to transform that stone into a beautiful sculpture that brings your vision to life.

Feel free to get in touch without hesitation to explore the available options.

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