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By Jan-Carel Koster

We live in a world in which 3 physical dimensions can be visually perceived, the 4th and 5th dimension can only be reasoned with. The philosophy of Jan-Carel’s art, multi-dimensionalism, is based on this knowledge.

“He who says you can not see a
thought, knows nothing about art.“

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Jan-Carel Koster

Meet the artist

Jan-Carel Koster is a no-nonsense sculptor, designer and artist from the Netherlands, that specialises in creating unique sculptures from gemstones, natural rocks, wood and plaster.

Guided by his passion for sculpting Jan-Carel decided in 2008 to focus fully on being a sculptor. This true passion is what has led him to become one of the most skilful and well-known sculptors of his time.

Multidimensional sculptures

More than meets the eye
We humans can perceive three dimensions with our eyes, but Jan-Carel tries to represent a 4th dimension in his sculptings: the dimension of time.

In this 4th dimension lies the story behind the sculpture and Jan-Carel tries to do justice to this dimension, which is in principle imperceptible to us humans, by always referring to the past, present and future in his sculptures.

The 5th dimension is the dimension of the energy that lies within the materials. He sees this as a constant wave of energy that flows through nature, the constant flow that drives all evolution.

jan carel koster busy sculpting wooden pole

The flow of energy

Ancient stones harbour deep powers

In the heart of our planet, beneath layers of time and pressure, stones carry the echoes of past ages. These ancient sentinels, formed through the slow dance of geological forces, hold within them a primordial energy that has captivated human imagination for millennia.

Through referencing this past, sculpting in the present and keeping his eye on the future, Jan-Carel always tries to let you feel that we are in constant evolution.

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Highlighted art projects

Every art piece is unique and handcrafted

“The Guardian Angel of Love”

Rose-white Quartz gemstone sculpture


Bespoke plaster wall sculpture 


Sculpture made from Diabas



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Jan-Carel Koster

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