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By Jan-Carel Koster

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Unique and exclusive wood applied art projects


Are you looking for an exclusive table for in your office?

In a special and exclusive collaboration with Zwaartafelen, Jan-Carel engraves robust tables with your business logo.  Zwaartafelen delivers the table and frame, and Jan-Carel chisels your logo just how you would like to see it.

Where exclusivity meets personalization

Leave a robust impression

Jan-Carel’s bespoke crafted tables are true centerpieces and will give the room a professional and luxury look and fee. From specialty carved desks to gold inlaid emblems, the range of possibilities is endless.

The combination of the robust wooden tables, personalised with engraved logos, and the use of exclusive materials transforms these tables into genuine works of art.
Golden Porsche Table

Endless possibilities

Bring your projects vision to life

Jan-Carel chisels your dream into a masterpiece, crafting a sculpture that breathes life into your imagination.
He possesses the remarkable ability to transform your project’s vision into a radiant reality, using an array of exquisite gemstones, each one carefully selected to harmonize with your unique design and style.
Feel free to get in touch without hesitation to explore the available options.

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