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Gallery Applied Art

Highlighted gallery applied art

On this gallery applied art page you will find a small overview of the videos that Jan-Carel has made, let’s say the highlights. If you want to see more of his videos, you can visit his YouTube channel.

From gemstone baths, carved from precious rocks that weigh thousands of kilos and take months to carve, to robust wooden tables with large heavy tops, which are embellished with 24 carat gold inlaid logos, Jan-Carel has them all in his portfolio. He has made videos of many of these works of art. Sometimes about the arrival of the raw stones, other times about how to install a washbasin weighing thousands of kilos in its entirety on location.

Making of Rose Quartz Bath

Making of Golden Porsche table

Making of ‘AJAX’ emblem table

Handcarved Gemstone Bathtub-sculpture

Installation of natural stone vanity

Making of Golden Lamborghini table

KNVB Table

Max Verstappen Red Bull bartable

Making of ‘Ocean’ epoxy table

Making of Desk Sculpture

Gemstone urn sculpture

New exclusive bathroom furniture

Would you like to respond?

If you would like to respond or comment on these video’s you are welcome to do so on Jan-Carel’s YouTube channel. If you have any questions about practical how-to advice, or are interested in getting a bespoke sculpture made for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Jan-Carel. He would love to see what the possibilities are and never backs down from a good challenge if you have one for him.

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