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About Jan-Carel Koster’s unique approach

From his studio in the heart of the Netherlands, Jan-Carel Koster brings art unlike you have ever seen before, from giant baths crafted from precious gemstones to wooden sculptures rising meters high from the ground. Even though they are made from vastly different materials, they all have something in common: they are unapologetic and raw.

Jan-Carel’s art is a reflection of him as a person. With his unique no-nonsense approach to life and Dutch directness, he doesn’t like things that are too polished, but rather treats things the way they are. He brings out the beauty of natures treasures and with his creative mind transforms them into stunning artworks while always leaving a reminder to their origins intact.

“The thing I love doing most is simply
creating something beautiful”

Humble beginnings

Grandfathers apprentice

Starting from his sixth age Jan-Carel was trained by his grandfather, a skilled carpenter, in the basics of the woodworking art.

This early acquired craft was quickly expanded to other raw materials, and by learning from renaissance sculpting techniques developed by the likes of Michelangelo, Jan-Carel evolved to become one of the Netherlands most accomplished sculptors.

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Multidimensional sculptures

More than meets the eye

We humans can perceive three dimensions with our eyes, but Jan-Carel tries to represent a 4th dimension in his sculptings: the dimension of time.

In this 4th dimension lies the story behind the sculpture and Jan-Carel tries to do justice to this dimension, which is in principle imperceptible to us humans, by always referring to the past, present and future in his sculptures.

The 5th dimension is the dimension of the energy that lies within the materials. He sees this as a constant wave of energy that flows through nature, the constant flow that drives all evolution.

“Incorporating precious gemstones into your life through functional art is the ultimate way of experiencing meaningful luxury and class on a daily basis.

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Bringing luxury and art together

The pinnacle of adding class to your lifestyle

Jan-Carel Koster’s latest focus has been on applied art because it brings art and functionality together which allows you to truly incorporate it into your life.

He takes this already powerful combination a step further by using some of the most luxurious and precious materials known to men: gemstones.

These art pieces are truly unique and visually stunning, and allow you to enjoy a lifestyle like never before.

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