Applied art sculptures

By Jan-Carel Koster

Applied art sculptures

By Jan-Carel Koster

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Jan-Carel Koster

Meet the artist

Jan-Carel Koster is a no-nonsense sculptor, designer and artist from the Netherlands, that specialises in creating unique sculptures from gemstones, natural rocks, wood and plaster.

Guided by his passion for sculpting Jan-Carel decided in 2008 to focus fully on being a sculptor. This true passion is what has led him to become one of the most skilful and well-known sculptors of his time.

Living Art

Master crafter of art experiences

What Jan-Carel Koster loves doing most is taking materials in their rawest form, and transforming them into art pieces that bring out their natural beauty and leave a rough edge that remembers their origin.

He is known for his sculptures that have been carved from some of the worlds largest obtainable gemstones, and while these sculptures are a true piece of art, they have been crafted with more in mind than just visual admiration, for these sculptures are intended for use in every day life.

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“Incorporating precious gemstones into your life through functional art is the ultimate way of experiencing meaningful luxury and class on a daily basis. “


The flow of energy

Ancient stones harbour deep powers

In the heart of our planet, beneath layers of time and pressure, stones carry the echoes of past ages. These ancient sentinels, formed through the slow dance of geological forces, hold within them a primordial energy that has captivated human imagination for millennia.

Through referencing this past, sculpting in the present and keeping his eye on the future, Jan-Carel always tries to let you feel that we are in constant evolution.

Make art
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applied art projects

Every art piece is unique and handcrafted

Rose-White Quartz Bath

South African Rose-White Quartz with natural shimmer of Mica

Golden Porsche table

Suar wood with gold leaf inlay

Diabase wash basin

Dark marbled Diabase from Germany


Feeling inspired?

Find out how Jan-Carel can realise your vision

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would gladly assist you with any inquiries about the possibilities of having a bespoke art piece made for you.



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